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also known as l33t is a language used among cholos gangsters or ghetto people. usually never understandable
it consists of replacing:
As with 4s
Es with 3s
Ss with 5s or $s
Os with 0s
Bs with 8s

Ls with 1s
Is with !s
Hs with #s
Gs with Qs
YOUs with JEWs
THISs with DIS
and sometimes adding additional letters to a word, and capitalizing some letters and some not.
ghetto text (regular text)
#3yy w4ttz$UP (hey what's up)

Dd!iZ H03 4ttt W411-M4rTT 8uMmP3dD !Nt0 M3 50 1 Zt4883d #3r (this hoe at wal-mart bumped into me so i stabbed her)

by heyy82 June 15, 2010
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(n) an incoherent series of letter, number or symbol combinations used to send text or email messages that are impossible to comprehend.
Yo, I just got a ghetto text from Tyrese and it looks like his mom's broom just got stolen by alien zombies....wus up wit dat?
by Johnny B Ghetto December 15, 2006
Someone from jail calls you and knows there is no money on the phone and leaves a ghetto text instead of their name so you receive a short message.
How to get a Ghetto Text when inmate calls,
Answer phone: You have a call from "I love you" an inmate in the (fill in the blank) facility.
by smokinbudha December 12, 2013

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