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gay or grumpy grizzly bear
Timothy was being a GGB because he was acting all pouty and immature.
by Dintmeister April 21, 2012
This is what tourists call the Golden Gate Bridge.
I just took an awesome photo of the GGB.

John: "Check out that sweet view of the Golden Gate Bridge."
Jane: "Don't call it that, you sound like a tourist."
by CityShoobie November 07, 2011
Global Gaming Bastards is a halo based clan created to become a fun clan that hopes to some day become better than KSI.
Im apart of GGB or Global Gaming Bastards
by CRAZEDWARRI0R August 08, 2007
GGB stands for gonna go bye
John- i'm ggb
Jim- ok see ya
by spazzzzzzzzzzzy June 07, 2005
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