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To escape the life dramas that wear on your soul. To be fearless and get through the bs life gives you. Experience moments of clarity ,beauty,inspiration and hope that everything will be alright.
Lets go down to New Orleans tonight so you can get your ya-ya's out.
by minew August 27, 2006
Originally a rolling stong stones live album, (get yer ya ya's out) the term usually means "to get your extra energy out" or "to blow off some steam". One can do this many ways, it really depends on what type of person you are.
j: hey
j: fine then dont answer me :(
me: sorry i was getting ma ya yas out.
j: what?!
n: my ya yas...
j: your WHAT?!
n: i was blowin off some steam alright? chilll
j: ....
j: so... how do you get your ya-ya's out?
n: youll never know :)
by loyaltallie February 03, 2011

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