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When you turn your hat to the side in order to look more funky or hip-hopish.
If you want to look more funky when you're dancing, you should turn your hat around and "get your swerve on"
by Pickinit October 16, 2011
9 24
To get so intoxicated that walking in a straight line becomes impossible.
Get your swerve on (past tense use): Lyndsey sure got her swerve on Wednesday night; she was so drunk, we had to help her walk home.
by Cliff Hammer May 23, 2006
106 67
Put your best face forward; turn on the charm
I better get my swerve on for this interview if I want this job.

You better get your swerve on, that hot girl is coming over to talk to you.
by Aubony February 04, 2010
29 48