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what nelly is referring to is the spread eagle position. the dance for the "get your eagle on" song requires a female to get low and spread her legs as wide as she can.
"drop down and get yo' spread eagle on biatch!"

"hey hoe, get on yo' back and get your eagle on"
by agent cobra August 29, 2004
First used in Nelly's song Flap Your Wings. Refers to the act one is instructed to perform on the dance floor. Getting low and spreading one's legs so that the knees are far apart and the feet are close together.
Girl, go out there and get your eagle on to show them how you work it.
by Jonathan Applebury December 07, 2004
when a girl sucks one guys dick and jerks off two guys on either side of him at the same time making a flapping motion with her hands like an eagle
Jeanne-Marrie loves to get her eagle on with stylez pez and his two friends
by ABC money $$ February 15, 2005
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