1)is the act or process of one person or groups of persons doing something advantagous for their self
2) doing what you have to do to get by
3 trying to get what you want without having to do much else
Son u still not lift'n as much as me get your cake up nigga

Ey dawg get your cake up if u gotta cheat cheat it is wut it is u knw wut im say'n sometimes u just gotta do wut you gotta do
by Big bisquit aka Dallas January 06, 2006
Top Definition
Get your cake up means to start off with a small amount of money and hustle or flip your money into a larger amount.
Joe spent all his money at the strip club on Friday so Saturday I told him "get your cake up" and then well go again.
by D Radick January 07, 2006
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