The lead singer for the band My Chemical Romance. He is different from most famous singers, because he has saved the lives of many of his fans and tries to make a difference in the world. Doesn't use auto tune and has a beautiful voice. He is also the hottest guy in the entire world (ok, maybe there's one or two exceptions but that's it). Gerard Way is like a legit angel.
Beatrice: Gerard Way is ugly and he sucks. Justin Bieber is so much hotter.

Annie: You're just on LSD because your parents named you Beatrice.
by $%#^&@*!(*@ December 28, 2011
To Make Things Simple, He's Hot And Talented, Well, Thats An Understatment. He's Gorgeous And Has An Amazing Voice. Lead SInger Of My Chemical Romance Which Are *In My Opinion* THE Best (L) Gerard Married Mindless Self Indulgence Bassist, Lyn-z In September 2007 After MCR And MSI Toured Together On Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution. They Announced The Pregnancy In November. Their Daughter, Bandit Lee Way, Was Born In Los Angeles At 2:57 P.M. On May 27th And Weighs 6 lbs., 5.6 oz. Awww :)
Gerard Way said he is "very excited" about fatherhood, adding: "I don't know that I ever thought about having a kid, but then I also didn't expect to meet Lyn-Z. When I met her I knew she'd be the one person I could have a kid with."
by MCR<3 June 06, 2009
The lead singer of My Chemical Romance. my chemical romace
Brother of Mikey Way. Very talented, very amazing, very special. A recovering alcholic and drug user.
Gerard Way is my lover.
by battybaby September 03, 2006
Gerard way was born on April 9th 1977 in Newark New Jersey. When he was 8 years old, he realized every one would die and they would die alone. From then on, he became obsessed with death. His lyric decrobe most of his feelings about things. He is afriad of needles. He had a girlfriend and he is not gay. Gerard Way is over all AMAZING. <3333
Gerard Way loves all his fans and wished he could meet all of them but that would take far too long
The frontman of emo/punk band My Chemical Romance. Has brother in the band who is bassist Mikey Way. MCR recently playeed the NME/Radio 1 tent at the 2005 reading/leeds festival where they put on an amazing show despite technical failings. Overall he is a good looking guy, however fans should be more focused on the bands music (their two sellout records) rather than his asthetics. They also won best album (three cheers fro sweet revenge) and Best Video (Helena) at the 2005 Kerrang awards. That is all.
"remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor"-im not okay. The funniest sentence Gerard Way says.
albums- "I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love"
-"Three cheers for sweet revenge"
by starshine October 08, 2005
the front man of Newark, New Jersey based band My Chemical Romance. He has a huge amount of teenie fans, usually based around the ages of 12-14. I am just astonished by his great impact on my life. People should just learn that he has better things to do than read that they want to fuck him. Watch LOTMS, and he will simply tell you that MCR has no groupies, and nor do they want any.... Overall, Gerard Way is an amazing artist/musician, and he has a comic book series called “The Umbrella Academy” coming out in May.
1. Teenie: lYk.. oMg gERALd iS sOoOoOo EFfIn HawWWTttt!! i lYK tOtAlLy WAnna HaVe HiS BaByZzzZzzzZZZZzzz!!!!!!!
Me: Shut up, loser. You need to realize how much Gerard Way really means to some people.

2. Gerard Way is amazing. He saved my life as well as other people's. MCR rocks and so does he!
by bladeyoustain April 03, 2007
hottest guy in the whole world, most amazing voice i've ever heard, i love him more than my life, i wanna do him up the butt and im a girl it mite be kinda hard but i'll manage... all i can say is that he is the hottest guy i ever saw and i love him and my chemical romance! they rock my elephant toe sox!
i want to do gerard way up the butt as much as pudding is good
i love gerard as much as john kurasz loves computers (and thats like more than his life)
by Nicole March 29, 2005

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