The good looking, (recently cut) black haired, made up and very talented lead singer of My Chemical Romance, that band that everyone hated when I went to see them in concert 3 months before. Had a hit single "I'm not Okay" and thats usually what people remember about him singing. He allegedly wrote the second album in an attic naked. Yes I was right at the front seeing him live and I think all people who claim to be his biggest fan but own only his new album should check him out singing vampires will never hurt you!
In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"
Well, they're never gonna get me,
And like a bullet through a flock of doves...
To wage this war against your faith in me,
Your life...will never be the same.
On your mother's eyes, say a prayer...say a prayer!
by Stephanie Dawn July 31, 2005
I'm sick of all you people who only like Gerard because of his incredibly good looks. Sure, he has good looks, but he also had an incredable voice and amazing cartoon skills. All of the album art was done by Gerard and he's amazing. All of you preppy wanna be "punk", "goth", or "emo" girls don't know that Gerard classifies they're music as "death rock" and says that they are not emo, goth, or punk. So, get off the fact that he's so hot, or that any of them are so hot and listen to something besides "helena" "I'm not okay" and "the ghost of you". Yes, they are good songs, but listen to some of their older stuff too. AND STOP BEING POSERS!
Prep poser: OMG Gerard Way's so hot, the first time I saw them on MTV, I thought he was so hot, so I started listening to them!!!

Me: ...I liked their music before I saw them...

Emo wanna be: Yeah, Gerard shares my pain.

me: K, totally not what I was talking about. I like their lyrics, dipshit, they're a good band.

cool kid: Yeah, losers, try listening to their lyrics and stop drooling over them. Losers

((Me and cool kid walk away, laughing AT not WITH the losers))
by Samantha W-B September 18, 2005
Amazing lead singer and front man for My Chemical Romance. Would just like to say that as much as some people like to say - this band is not 'emo'! They are rock. He has even been quoted on this! "violent/scary/truth/rock" that is how this very talented man describes his own band - so please stop calling them 'emo'! And all you teeny boppers that claim to be their "biggest fan ever" and go on and on about how you would love to fuck him etc. you may actually need to have more than just their recently released album - "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". As much as i agree that Gerard is basically sex on legs - i was a fan of this 'band' before they released their second album and before he got that new haircut and i really dont think he would appreciate all the dirty talk about him - and neither would his long time girlfriend!
Dont love this man and the band just because they are being called the band to watch and you think he is soooooo sexy! Gerard Way is an amazing artist and is part of a brilliant band and deserves love and respect - not teeny boppers that join the latest craze!
by "disappointed reader" September 10, 2005
Gerard Way? Difficult to define. Twenty-eight. A dark angel. An amazing musician. Charismatic, exceptionally talented, mysterious, and beautiful. The lead singer of the most amazing band in the world, and responsible for lyrics that reduce me to tears every time I hear them. Also - very friendly in person for anyone that is curious! I met him last week and he was a pet! :)
Gerard Way rocks my stripy socks like no other. It's not for nothing he's my god.
by Headfirst For Halos November 19, 2005
Sex on legs.
or, penis on legs
both work perfectly
sexiest person evarrr
gerard way has good hair
by sheetsofegyptiancotton March 26, 2005
Gerard Arthur Way, currently 28 years old, vocal and leading man of the Post-Hardcore band My Chemical Romance. His younger brother Mikey Way ( Age 25 currently) is the bassist for the band. After dealing with depression, drug abuse, and alchoholism, Way brought himself up to work on a graphic arts career as well as extreme interest in music. Taking inspiration from many punk/hardcore, and metal bands before him, they formed the band My Chemical Romance which released thier first album shortly after entitled " I Bring You My Bullets, You Bring Me Your Love" taking dark and meaningful lyrics with combination of good vocals and music, they have become well known and gained applause for thier work. The follow up album " Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge has spawned several hits and award nominations for songs such as "Helena" of 2005. "Helena" was the most meaningful song on the album, as it was written for Gerard and Mikey Way's grandmother Elena who passed away a few years earlier. Gerard is well noted for impressing fans with incredible vocal ability as well as good looks and a fetish for eye makeup.
Gerard Way, twenty eight years old, italian and european heritage.
by tina1208 January 11, 2006
The talented and hot lead singer of a band called "My Chemical Romance".
Gerard Way sang the awesome song, "Helena".
by Saima Lee July 27, 2005

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