Gerard Way = amazing lead singer for band My Chemical Romance. He was born on April 9, and is 28 years old. He is a bi-sexual. He is also an artist, and almost did a show for Cartoon Network, but was rejected. He is the brother of Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance.
-Gerard Way, should be president
by Lexi Geibel June 06, 2005
Sexy talented singer from My Chemical Romance. Brother of Mikey Way (MCR Bassist. He has recently died his hair blonde an cut it short. He looks way hotter with black hair. My Chem is bing dissed by fans of selling out.
Omg! Gerard Way is so hot and he can sing too! I would sure like to orally fuck him!
by southpark931 September 24, 2006
lead singer of my chemical romance, a great band.
But gerard i think likes the sound of his own voice since he hogs interviews!
interviewer: "how are you guys?"

other members of mcr: "...gre."

Gerard Way:(cuts in) "were great thanks, now lets talk about me and my sexy voice!"

by bluefurrymonster August 05, 2007
The hottest person alive!
Gerard way is perfect! and sexy and cute and hott and i'm obsessed, I wanna marry him! he's adorable and hott! no one likes him as much as me.
by Madisan November 16, 2005
the most sexiest guy! sooo fucking hot! I WANT HIS BABIES! oh yes i do...
ahhh gerard way is soooo hot!
by pink__poison January 31, 2005
gerard way is god. One look at him and you just think wow i want to fuck him. He gives great hugs and loves making out with other guys, which normally would seem horrid-but when he does turns you onto him in a whole new level. He is the king of live shows and gives a great blow job. His lyrics really make you stop..think..and then just makes you wanna turn it up and scream!
If gerard way was god, then i want to kill myself now!!
by kay tay April 24, 2005
lead singer of pop group my chemical romance.

just an average guy popularized by mtv.

worshipped by many brainwashed, zombie teeny boppers who think hes hot.
gerard way: merely another pop singer
by mist3r July 10, 2008

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