Gerard Way is the shexy lead singer of the proper mint band My chemical Romance. They fxcking rock my socks. Ultimately my favourite band on the planet.
Gerard Way was born on 9th April 1977, which makes him 30. He is from New Jersey, as is the rest of the band apart from Bob Bryar who is from Chicago. He has always had an interest in drawing and comics.
Gerard witnessed the planes going into the Twin Towers on Spetember 11th and this made him feel that he had to make a difference in the world instead of making cartoons.
Gerard has changed very much from when he first started the band. When he first started he used to have long black hair and for live shows he used to paint cuts on his face and wear a white shirt with black trousers. When the second album came out, he changed again by wearing a black suit with a red tie and he used to paint his face white and thne paint a black stripe across his eyes. For the 'Ghost Of You' video he cut his hair off and not much later MCR took to wearing fake bullet-proof vests on stage. In 2006, the album 'The Black Parade' was released and then the band changed everything. They all wear military uniforms. Gerard dyed his hair a platinum blond to help him make him look more ill and to help him getting into the role of 'the patient'. He has now dyed it back black.
He is my God. He could be my batman anyday. =]
"I dont think having a My Chemical Romance action figure will make a kid start his own band, I like to think it will make him save children from a burning building.”

"I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things.”

“Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara... I'm a f****n' princess!”

“I'd rather be a creature of the night than an old dude.”

"One time, Bert and I were making out for so long it wasn't even funny..But then it was funny.”

-Gerard Way quotes.
by x--Faye--x May 16, 2007
Gerard Arthur Way (born April 9, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey) is frontman, lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance often abbreviated to MCR or My Chem; he is also elder brother to band's bass player, Mikey Way.

Before Founding the band Gerard Attended an NYC Art School with dreams of being a cartoonist.

Gerard Founded the band shortly after 9/11.
In an interview he said after the attacks "I literally said to myself, ‘Fuck art. I’ve gotta get out of the basement. I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference!'

Gerard's Younger brother Mikey Way Learned bass pretty much overnight to help Gerard have his band,This meaning He gave up University

Gerard is of Scottish and Italian descent

Over the years Gerard had battled with drug abuse and alcoholism but has conquered this but still enjoys smoking.

Gerard Submitted an idea to Cartoon Network of a show called Breakfast Monkeys but the idea got rejected for being too similar to a pre-existing show.

Gerard writes most of the bands material.

His dark and Slightly disturbing lyrics is what gives this band a Unique Edge

Gerard Has An Angelic voice, but can also be dark, but the boy certianly has a set of lungs on him.

It is rumored that Way wrote most of the tracks on "The Black Parade" naked in an attic.

Gerard is Very Attractive and this had earned him legions of teenie bopper fans that have heard like two song and think that there MCR's Biggest fans.

The songs are usually their main hits like "welcome to the black parade" and "Famous Last Words"

Most of these people have spammed the internet with things like "Gerard=Orgasm" and other things along those lines. These people are usually 12 year old girls or boys who think they are bi with no life and aren't interested in there music.

I'm not saying that Gerard isn't Gorgeous, i love him to bits, but some people only like him for his looks not his music.

Kid 1- OMG did you hear My chemical romances new song.

Kid 2- Yeah but who cares, I'm not interested in there music only in trying to look cool. Coz i have no friends.

Kid 1- Anyway Welcome to the ]black parade] is the best song ever. Gerard Way is teh sex

MCR Fan- I liked their old album better.

Kid 1 and 2- What other album?
by x.lovemeforme.x February 28, 2007
That sexy lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Currently a beautifully sassy redhead, as of 2011. Has an awesome voice, and an awesome mind from what he shows. He is chill, he is hot, he is sassy, he is sexy, he is amazing. ^.^
I am OBSESSED with My Chem and its lead singer Gerard Way!
by cozy blanket July 12, 2011
My savior. Bwahahahahahahaha...cough... An Awsome singer/song writer of My Chemical Romance who is unfortunatly not gay :( too bad cause him and bert mccracken would have some pretty babies.
Emo Boy: Wow, theres Gerard Way... God him and Bert would have some hot babies... I would eat them.
Girl: Yeah, they would look kinda like Jack Black dont you think?
Emo Boy: Yeah wow, that makes Jack Black alot hotter... Maybe he's their kid....
by EMOI the great September 16, 2005
Lead singer and frontman of the mind-blowing band My Chemical Romance (New Jersey)

Gerard Way is the definition of Angel.
His voice is so soft, yet powerful.
His artowrk is inspirational.
His morals would put anyone to shame.
His look's are to die for.
His eyes are like KAPOW.
His nose is just that cute.
His lips are the softest rose.
His hair is like "Mmmm"

This man is so many teenagers hero : )
Gerard Way; "It's for the hamster i'm gonna buy!"
by Emma-Jane October 18, 2007
The following is a definition of Gerard Way, from a guy's point of view. You read right, a guy, not a teenybopper girl.

Frontman of My Chemical Romance. He's a beautiful singer and he knows how to get the crowd going. He's also a good looking guy. His voice sounds so awesome in songs.

When you hear his ACTUAL regular talking voice, like in interviews, you'll be crushed.
Do things the Gerard Way!
by Adriankat March 09, 2006
Lead singer of New Jersey band My Chemical Romance (MCR). Married to Lyn-Z, bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI). Brother of Mikey Way, bassist of My Chemical Romance.
Dayummmmmmm Gerard Way is so gorgeous! His singing is ah-may-zingg!
by uhkneesuh February 10, 2008
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