My savior. Bwahahahahahahaha...cough... An Awsome singer/song writer of My Chemical Romance who is unfortunatly not gay :( too bad cause him and bert mccracken would have some pretty babies.
Emo Boy: Wow, theres Gerard Way... God him and Bert would have some hot babies... I would eat them.
Girl: Yeah, they would look kinda like Jack Black dont you think?
Emo Boy: Yeah wow, that makes Jack Black alot hotter... Maybe he's their kid....
by EMOI the great September 16, 2005
Lead singer of the band "My Chemical Romance". now for some real info on him...
FULL NAME: Gerard Arthur Way.
D.O.A: April.9.1977(he's currently 28).
BORN IN: Newark, NewJersey(grew up in Bellvile).
HEIGHT: 5'7"-5'8".
MARITAL STATUS: Currently In a Relationship.
PIERCINGS: None...Needles "freak him out".

He used to be a little bit heavier weight wise.

Gerard Founded MCR with original drummer Matt Pelisser.

He doesn't like physical work.(manual labor)

He was going to be a cartoon artist.

He went to Art School in New York.

He once worked as a a cart boy/bagger at a Grocery store.

He smokes.

His mothers name is Donna.

He thinks that Brody Dalle from the distillers is HOT!

He claims he is not Goth but that MCR being labelled Goth is because of the song Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

His fathers name is Donald.

He is 1/2 Scottish (fathers side) and 1/2 Italian (mothers side).

He loves the issue of X-Men that Wolverine is being crucified to a wooden "X".

His favourite X-Men charector is Wolverine.

He loves theatre.

He also loves David Bowie (hey I do too)

His cartoon was named "The Breakfast Monkey"

He is very heavily infulenced by Iron Maiden.

He does take off the make up when he's not on stage.

He thinks of MCR as charectors or a "gang"

He actually sings during the making of their videos, he gives it 110%!

He says the reason for wearing so much black and red is because, to him those are the colors of a funeral.

Red and Black are also the MCR "gangs" colors, or so Gerard says.

He designed a shirt for for the band Thursday.

He is obsessed with death, and has been since he realized everyone has to die and everyone will die alone, he realized that at 8yrs old.

He is still in therapy and loves it!

His dream car is a Red Corvette liscenced plated "KNIVES"

He has had many "spooky" expiriences with Quijia boards.

He learned how to Draw, Sing, and Perform from his grandmother Elena.

He plays guitar.

He smokes Marlboro Red Cigarettes.

Nipple rings freak him out!
by X-Caity-Marie-X June 22, 2005
The sass master.
Meet Gerard Way: Sass master extraordinaire.
by SpencerIsaac May 29, 2011
Lead singer of New Jersey band My Chemical Romance (MCR). Married to Lyn-Z, bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI). Brother of Mikey Way, bassist of My Chemical Romance.
Dayummmmmmm Gerard Way is so gorgeous! His singing is ah-may-zingg!
by uhkneesuh February 10, 2008
Lead singer and frontman of the mind-blowing band My Chemical Romance (New Jersey)

Gerard Way is the definition of Angel.
His voice is so soft, yet powerful.
His artowrk is inspirational.
His morals would put anyone to shame.
His look's are to die for.
His eyes are like KAPOW.
His nose is just that cute.
His lips are the softest rose.
His hair is like "Mmmm"

This man is so many teenagers hero : )
Gerard Way; "It's for the hamster i'm gonna buy!"
by Emma-Jane October 18, 2007
The following is a definition of Gerard Way, from a guy's point of view. You read right, a guy, not a teenybopper girl.

Frontman of My Chemical Romance. He's a beautiful singer and he knows how to get the crowd going. He's also a good looking guy. His voice sounds so awesome in songs.

When you hear his ACTUAL regular talking voice, like in interviews, you'll be crushed.
Do things the Gerard Way!
by Adriankat March 09, 2006
Sassy Sexy Cool Amazing Singer
Gerard Way Has Sass;)

He's Sassier than you!

Way Got Sass!

Gee-Way Is Bringing Sassy Back!
by Pixie Disorder April 19, 2011

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