An area of DC were many a rich people come to go shopping, drinking, HOOKAH SMOKING(my personaly favorite), and out to dinner. All the young hippsters go to prance around with their hott boyfriends and make me jelouse. Also located very near to Georgetown Prep, Georgetown Visitation, Georgetown Universtity, and Arlington, VA.
This is were anybody who is anyone from Arlington, Va is on friday and saturday nights/days/sometimes on weeknights too.
by Boobie Monster February 26, 2005
The most dope little town right near NH, formaly known as rowley but a badass group of rebels started a rebellion and created thier own town calling in Georgetown. Everyone knows each others buisness and thier really isnt much drama. Most kids skateboard, bike, or do some extreme sport and everyone smokes weed. Georgetown cops suck dick and the football team is the shit. Ellen fleming is gay and so is the rest of braintree they can all fucking die
"Braintree would get its ghetto ass beat by georgetown kids if they met each other!"
by b-rad ellens gay January 01, 2008
A place where people who didn't get into the nearby and academically superior Johns Hopkins University go.
George didn't get into Johns Hopkins so he had to settle for Georgetown
by BillySee June 26, 2009
A chunk of corn in the steaming pile of shit that is Washington D.C.
So I was putting it in this guy's cornhole at Georgetown when I found a steaming pile of shit filled with corn.
by Roy Hibbert December 10, 2007
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