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Someone who goes out drinking, Claiming to be a heavy drinker.
inevitably ends up drinking 2 pints and becoming 'the life and soul of the party'.
James: ''hey, I was in the pub the other night with Lei.''
Ed: 'Ah yeh, what happened?''
James: 'Well he challenged me to drinking the most'
Ed: 'Who won?'
James: 'Well me..I only had 3 pints.'
Ed: 'Ah right'
James: ' Yes. Indeed a George Two Pints'.
Ed: 'Faggot'
James: 'Yes'
Ed: 'Consider him no longer man or friend'
James: 'Deal'
Ed: 'Deal'


Noel Edmonds: 'Deal Or No Deal.'
#drink #gay #bum #sex #porn #lei wells #nokia #blink 182 #celebasy #tribal
by Ed Moody + James Hale December 04, 2006
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