To be volunteered for something you weren't planning on doing
Suzy was geoffed into fund raising for the WWF event...even though her already had more than enough to do.
by 323Julie November 06, 2008
Top Definition
The act of having your roomba run over feces and then spreading it on the floor and walls.
I came home last night to find my house Geoffed. Now I have to buy a new roomba!
by 10snails June 05, 2016
Used as a verb. To geoff onself. Refers to someone doing something prematurely
The batter in the 9th inning geoffed himself and ended up striking out

This female cop was frisking me and when she touched my leg I Geoffed myself.
by Hazard30 August 28, 2008
The action of having your life turned into so much rat-poo poo
Oh bugger ... I might as well kill myself as I'm about to be Geoffed
by Bagpuss September 02, 2003
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