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Someone who is real; down to earth and doesnt pose; isnt a fake bitch
Genuine is real- Big L
by Big L, flamboyant for life December 23, 2007
425 100
A person who accepts all lifestyles
"Strength. Intellect. Style. Genuine."
by ohebaby April 03, 2010
115 64
Established in December '09, Genuine started as a max chill vibe that tested character. The Genuines are a group of people who came together to accept all lifestyles, and to spread that Genuine! vibe to others.
"Strength. Intellect. Style. Genuine!"
by Mr. Genuine April 15, 2010
69 57
Nickname, commonly used to refer to Kate MacKeigan. Also means ridiculously sexy, being pure and authentic
Come Get Crunk Genuine, ok there la?
by genuine.kate January 29, 2006
39 137
Meaning "genuinely a good kid", someone who doesn't drink or do drugs, etc.
Yo dawg, you wanna go smoke?
Nah man, I'm genuine.
by Frankk August 18, 2007
63 179
V. - trying to get tough with someone else
Don't get genuine with me!

Are you trying to get genuine with me?
by Rich Del October 23, 2006
23 167