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Chris, also known as Genocidal Hammer, is my BBFFAA and apart of the BBFFAA x Crew and he totally owns me and all of your asses.
Allison aka Big Tits: OH SUP CHRIS BBFFAA x CREW!

Chris aka Genocidal Hammer: SUP BIG TITS BBFFAA x CREW !!!!!
by allison January 09, 2005
There's not much to say. He's one grimnorseultramotherfuckingmetal son of a bitch. Can be used as a noun or adjective, to describe someone close to or just as grimnorseultramotherfuckingmetal as him.
Jim: This Artillery CD is fucking great.
Bob: Whoa, dude, don't pull a genocidal_hammer on me.
by Robyn Swank November 15, 2004
Noun; Common slang termanology for bisexual

(See also: Bi)
Tina: I'm gothic and bisexual.
Tim: You're a total Genocidal_Hammer.
by EtherealAmaranth January 09, 2005