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1. A word meaning something very exciting, interesting, entertaining, or will lead to a drunken stupor. Similar to the word clutch or radical.

2. A Pokemon, number 94. This pokemon is of the ghost type, it evolves from Haunter (the final evolution of Ghastly) only through the use of a Gameboy cable link. Sidenote: Pokemon is still for fags.
Bro 1 : Dude you hooked up with Latoya last night, right? I saw you mackin' on that bitch.
Bro 2 : Oh yeah man, last night was SO gengar, you know?
Bro 1 : No bro... I don't know. What the fuck is gengar, isn't that some pokemon?
Bro 2 : Yeah! Well, no. Not really. It's kind of like clutch, you know?
Bro 1 : Right... clutch. You know, that never caught on either.
by Ginger Nut May 29, 2007
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