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male; any kind of 'receptacle' for genetic emission/s.

on occasion, using a human female as a 'toilet'; can often be unwise!. -in tandem with the male "ejacs", the human female can often 'gear up for production'; resulting in 'enslavement' of the libidinal dominated!

for those who have studied history carefully, this development is often LESS than desirable!!, UNLESS one can summon 'long green' (currency!); with a mere snap of the fingers!! -one STILL remains condemned to 'financial/spiritual advisor' for 20+ years!...........

NO 'smart' businessman enters into an enterprise too 'taxing' to 'float'!! on its' own!! -'confinement'/'isolation', 'disarmament' of the male effluent (mind of its' own!!!!) can prove MOST helpful with this sketchy scenario!!
i grabbed a paper towel for use as a genetic toilet!

i'm used to porcelain, not SKIN for my body waste/s ! she (he) ended up my genetic toilet !!

my floor serves as a genetic toilet!!

i need a TOILET!!, here comes one NOW!!
by michael foolsley May 29, 2011

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