the group of below average people
The general population forces High Schools to cut down on student rights.
by Anonymous May 04, 2003
Top Definition
Persons within the student body who are not classified as honors or gifted and who do not posses the capabilities or drive to excel in honors courses, AP courses or even in the higher echelon with the IB program.
"Man if those kids in the general population didn't get into that brawl in the courtyard then the pep rally wouldn't be canceled."

AP student: "I can't even believe I ever considered dating someone in the general population. We just didn't connect on an intellectual level."
by sanacj May 01, 2009
The area in your workplace identified for substandard employees, non-hackers, and other pockets of resistance.
DeShawn: I once had an office but the boss demoted me and now I'm out with the general population.

Willie: Man that's crazy! Better watch your back or you'll get shanked!
by Demetrius D July 14, 2016
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