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Another defintion of a gender to kill the idenfication of people in systematic boxes. As if gender expression was not an historical cultural product.

Yes, this is very coherent.
She knows that normally people born with testicles are the only ones to love shirts and science, so she call herself "gender-non-conforming" for her fashion taste and overwhelming interest for non-Euclidean geometry. Btw, she hopes the world to understand her --the world is really dumb indeee and cannot see by itself things if there is no label on them.
Who will told her that gender is a cultural product, even a cultural myth? A myth that we can only kill by proving him wrong, rather than assuming it as the founding presumption of our thoughts on human behaviors.
Other: I am not sufficiently oppressed for acting sometimes unlike a girl is expected to call myself gender-noncorming and find this obsession with label suffocating.
by Stevy Wonder October 23, 2015
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