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Generic jam band music; typically garden variety rock bands that cater to the hippie crowd, generally adhering to a long format, jam session style of music. Merging modern rock, jazz, funk, afrobeat, and many other genres, gen jam is a diluted style of music and many bands often sound similar - it may be difficult for a "square" listener to differentiate between bands. Examples would include: Phish, moe., Umphrey's McGee, O.A.R., Dave Matthews Band, The String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic.
Stoner 1: "Hey man, are you going to Moe tonight at the Orpheum?"

Stoner 2: "Nah, man. Gen jam is hardly worth fifty bucks at the door. I'm headed to Chicago to catch The New Deal tonight anyway."

Stoner 1: "Chill."
by stupid_hippy_al_is_a_poser March 10, 2011
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