A climatic feeling of joy over a thrilling new development in the geeksphere
OMG. HBO have finally picked up The Preacher miniseries and confirmed David Cronenburg to direct. Geekasm!
#geekgasm #geekjoy #geekburst #geektastic #fanboy erection
by OnLF February 12, 2009
Top Definition
1. A feeling of euphoria experienced when witnessing something exceptionally cool.

2. An advanced state of accomplishment and associated euphoric feelings at the conclusion of an arduous task within the I.T. field.
(1) "Man, the trailer for Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, gave me a <b>geekasm</b>!"

(2) "It wasn't until the computer did something I thought it never would... something I wanted it to do, that I was overcome with a <b>geekasm</b>. I just HAD to tell someone... preferably on slashdot."
by Kunttray April 21, 2005
When you become overexcited by something "geeky" or technological.
Dan just had a geekasm when building his new pc!
#geek #nerd #orgasm #technology #over-excited
by dansgalaxy February 21, 2010
a feeling in which a geek gets when he/she sees something cool
The geek had a geekasm at Micro Center
#orgasm #geek #technology #science #ftw
by MEGAMANAAA November 05, 2010
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