A term mistakenly used in North and Central Louisiana to describe a mixed person of Creole descent.
He's white...no he's black...no he's a geechie!!
by Alligator Slim May 27, 2009
Top Definition
Geechie is a term commonly referring to the African descendants of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia,and Senegal who reside on coastal South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Geechie people often have a thick accent referred to as Gullah, and are commonly mistaken for Jamaicans by those who aren't familiar. Geechie people have rich culture and are increasing taking measures to preserve their heritage.
Many geechie people of Charleston, SC actively practice the art of sweetgrass basket weaving.
by Relly Coakley Jefferson November 01, 2007
Geechie commonly refers to a person of white descent whose family has long roots in the South Carolina lowcountry, mostly between Beaufort and Georgetown; centered around Charleston. They speak "Geechie" which is a heavily accented dialect of English with Gullah influences.
He's as Geechie as they come.
by Benyeah July 13, 2008
Being high/ drunk etc. Geeked up.
Yo, that weed got me mad geechie!!
by Lauryn love July 03, 2012
When someone is okay
jon:Are You okay sam, Sam: im Geechie
by TayeTaye March 18, 2014
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