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The God of Gaming, usually used to proclaim an amazing feat accomplished on a game.
Player 1:Oh my Geebus!
Player 2:What?
Player:I just shot a guy in the head which flew through him and hit the guy behind him.

(bad example but ya'll get the gist)
by Hyena9292 November 10, 2009
5 1
Simply an alternate pronounciation of the Christian Son of Man Jesus Christ, popularized by a misguided Homer Simpson when forcecd to volunteer for foreign missions. Also this can be used by pseudo-Christians to comply with the third commandment.
Homer: But I don't know geebus!
by drunkengoat April 11, 2005
45 19
simpsons - geebus
by <^> April 03, 2003
18 25
A truthboy collecting knowledge and trying to build perspective.
It seems to take most people until their eighties or nineties to truly achieve the geebus.
by mark merritt March 22, 2006
2 26
The black jesus. Geebus Christo. Used to express unimaginable stoopidity of another person.
GEEBUS CHRISTO, Kid... your such an IDIOT!!
by SillyAfroBoi August 26, 2003
2 30