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A character in the game Star Wars galaxies on the server named Eclipse who feels the need to make sure everyone knows hes there. Known for long spells of harassment and for never caring about others feelings. Known by the color pink for his wookiee toons fur. He usually is seen "pimping" other female players with in the game
I like to push people in wheelchairs down stairs and laugh at them says Gebus
by Nic Ayotte July 11, 2006

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1.Gebus Is a word used by the popular tv show called the Simpsons as a pun
2. The hippe god
1. "you mean Gebus"
2. Flower child lets worship Gebus.
by thefinalfan February 13, 2005
Anti cristian way to say Jesus

To avoid "promoteing god's word"

Pisses off some christians
*Hits hand with hammer*
by Ubisoft4me October 23, 2004