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A good name for one of your friends that is doing something gay.
Stop dancing around like that you gear box.
by mitch101 March 08, 2008
22 11
queer, faggot, fruit or another type of male knob-gobbler
Look at those two knob gobblers holding hands walking around citadel hill
by Noukiemonster July 09, 2003
93 53
A person with convoluted sexual proclivities.
He'd hump an animal of either sex and enjoyed humiliation of all sorts, a regular gearbox.
by Diploma mill Doctor August 01, 2011
13 7
A Transmission for a vehicle.
Do you use Royal Purple in your gear box too?
by chrisstauffer March 16, 2008
6 5
some one who is shifty
damn that fool is a gear box
by msutherland February 07, 2010
3 3
Game developers currently making Brothers in Arms and made Halo PC.
Liek whoamg! Gearbox are leet!
by WereDogfish December 13, 2004
28 37
A slang term for a woman's vagina used in the UK.
I was looking at some bird today, she bent over and I could see right up her gearbox.
by Stevie G89 September 16, 2008
16 30