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The biggest dickhead you know
He'll go 'alright that's really cool' at one of your jokes ...
by Wedergren July 24, 2003
8 11
A sport for G's ... played by bouncing and catching the ball against a wall to score points. Is a full contact tackling sport.
"Let's go play some G Ball!"

"A kid was killed because he got tackled playing G ball!"
by GBallAustralia May 01, 2009
22 13
Simply put is $1000.00
I spent a g ball on some bad ass rims.
by Billy Burnout April 06, 2006
39 33
G stands for great as in "great balls of fire". Very cool or shock
"Oh G-Balls"! or man that game was so G-Balls
by Fidy C. February 19, 2008
3 1
The new word for Niggers. ignorant blacks.
Hey, That G-Balls being a total idiot!
Yeah i know.
by kaz122222222 September 29, 2009
4 5
A fat balding blind man that sorts metal by touch. His voice also sounds like a motor boat running on gravel and death.
Cory: Hello Keith, how are you this fine day?
Keith: Pretty good, just being a G ball, thats all.
by HeyBuddy! March 16, 2008
11 18