Americans who exhibit an immoderate love of country and flag; people for whom American symbols (the Statue of Liberty, the Stars and Stripes) are more meaningful than the concepts they represent. Short for "God Bless America"s.
The anti-war protestors were set upon by a gang of enraged GBAs, who would not stand for such dissident speech in public.
by Jack Noxious April 16, 2008
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the coolest shit ever

gameboy advance
GBA makes school all better
by Seb Santana April 11, 2003
abbreviation for 'God Bless America'.
We live in the most free, most prosperous country on earth. GBA.
by NewTeaParty April 01, 2009
Gay By Association
"I see Jo's out with the gays again tonight. Is she a wearer of sensible shoes too?"

"No dude. She loves the cock, but she's GBA"
by Brooksey July 25, 2009
GBA is an abbreviation for the phrase Gag Beat Analyze. Not to be confused with the NBA where many GBA actually take place.
"A good GBA makes everything feel so much better” former NBA player. GBA is not only used in the NBA its now common on dating websites, if GBA is in a profile you know you are in for a great night.
by tbagmartin May 08, 2013
GBA stands from Gay Boy Alert
Me: My GBA went off when i saw Elton John

Me: Look at Justin Timberlake
Apz: GBA!
by rez1 May 03, 2007
Gay By Association. Heterosexuals who are often mistaken for homosexuals or lesbians because they hang out with gay friends a lot.
"Oh no, she's straight, she's just GBA"
by a "GBA"er August 18, 2005

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