To be Gazebo is to be very drunk
"I got back from the pub last night as was totally gazebod"
by Lesley Schnapps July 20, 2009
When four attractive male's are having sex doggystyle with four females forming a + shape wile the females are kissing and the males are high fiving each other
Ross Demay, Andrew Dozier, Bryan Allen and Jared Poindexter are going to run a Gazebo on some slut's.
by Drew242435 January 15, 2010
1). A 180 slide on a box or rail, most commonly used by snowboarders and other cool people. Sometimes also used to describe a 50/50 on the rail or box.
"Hey, gazebo it, gazebo that box!"
by sniggerbox November 12, 2007
A wooden haven where bold drug addicted kids go to smoke pot in public. No matter if it is day or night at Manhattan College, kids can be found smoking pot and sometimes even worse (ex: peddling 30 tabs of acid in one day whille tripping balls). Nowadays the gazebo is under extreme surveillance and the days of blatant drug use are over.
"Meet me in the gazebo" usually means "Let's get high"
by Micki Spick September 24, 2005
1. A large, galloping animal native to north African countries.
2. The name used for the leader of north African tribal chiefs, derived from the animal.
2. Amal thinks its a round outdoors structure surrounded by poles for people to sit in or around. She is wrong.
2. I'm the gazebo, b1tch.
3. liar!
by JZ son July 10, 2006
where kids at Delbarton supposedly smoke pot, in Lewis Morris Park next to the cross country course.
they held a lunch outing at the gazebo.
by impreza December 15, 2003
its a very bad insult in the roughest places of west byfleet, it basically means that u r very friendly and useful
u fukin lil gazebo!!

thoe wop wos such a gazebo so i curbed him
by =CC= December 01, 2003
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