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A slang, derogative term often used in response to the phrase "and manga!"

originates from the 2009 Sakura-con commercial.
"and manga!"
by girugameshlolz May 09, 2009
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The gay equivalent of a gangbang. A bunch of guys sexing it up on a single guy.
Duuude! Dave was gaybanged so hard last night!
by Cat's Pajamas July 19, 2016
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hyeyeon chois bangs, seriously.
after hyeyeon cut her own hair
by minji May 06, 2008
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Pronunciation: \\ˈgā\ˈbaŋz\
function: overtly androgynous symbol
Variation: Formerly "Jerry Curl"
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1: A hair style first found in Anime cartoon characters
e.g: Picachu
2: A modern hair style coined by the artist formerly known as prince, tends to make one wonder the non platonic orientation of ones counterpart. Then after years of assuming that persons orientation you later realize that they now date the hottest model on the planet and wonder why you didnt grow gay bangs...
Chuck: dude your gay bangs totally match your new purse!
Buck: oh stop! (waves hand passively)
Chuck: hey, look at Prince and those Gay Bangs... Do you wonder at times which team he is playing for?
Buck: no, he dated Vanity and married Mayet Garcia and now has a kid...
Chuck: who would have thought...
by Thorhunter April 29, 2009
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