Justin Bieber
Boy 1- That's so gay.
Boy 2- That sounds wrong you shouldn't say that, instead say that's so Justin Bieber.
#justin #beiber #is #a #gay #girl
by Sara:) October 12, 2010
an act that is heterosexual but inconvenient for the bro-friends of the one taking action.
Whoa, Kev's going out with the girl he's banging to have lobster instead of hanging with the bros at the bar-b-que is totally gay.
#gay #lame #hetero #inconvenient #bros
by the master namer February 14, 2010
1. Homosexual
2. (antiquated) Happy
3. An insult meaning anything bad.
4. A word used in 99% of negative Urban Dictionary definitions.
1. "Hey, did you know Clay Aiken is gay?"
"Duh, you could see it from a mile away!"
2. I had a gay time at the 1904 World's Fair, riding my penny-farthing, and eating this new frozen treat called an "ice cream cone".
3. Breathing is gay!
4. Tags for "Rollerblade" include words like "fruitboot" and "gay".
#gay #ghey #urban dictionary #jock #frat boy #chav
by King of Jellybeans March 31, 2009
This word can mean three different things:

1. Happy, merry, jolly, good-spirited, ect.

2. Homosexuality. One gender liking the same gender. "Gay" is supposed to be for the male, but it can be used for female as well.

3. Often used as saying something is messed up, dumb, unfortunate.
You seem very gay today!

I am gay and I am proud!

Oh man, that's gay!
#homosexual #gay #people #weird #not weird #ok then #thnx bye
by quewertay January 02, 2009
basically a generic term for someone, something, or a situation that is stupid or useless.
These free seats are gay...we can't even see from here,
that cop that wrote me a speeding ticket for 4 miles over the posted limit was gay
I can't beleive that they shut the highway down to 1 lane for 5 miles..and no one was working...gay!
#gay #stupid #useless #unuseable #dumb
by djn atx January 02, 2009
Got Aids Yet?
Straight guy: Are you GAY?

Fag: Yeah.
#fag #queer #homo #mo #dyke
by Mykill Jackson October 11, 2008
a guy who likes another guy ( in love with another man)
Girl: hay do you wanna go out sometime
Man: sorry i like men not woman im gay
#gay #men #man #sex #anal #intercourse
by Henry W April 15, 2007
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