To be amazing or have an amazing feature
*Gets shown a picture of an Alesana Top*

Me: Gay

Chelsea: Fuck yourself

Me: :L:L Gay means amazing
by Le name is Dan June 02, 2012
1. to be extremely happy

2. not heterosexual

3. Justin Bieber (a disgrace to the other two definitions)
1. She was feeling so gay after getting a new car.

2. I know these two guys who are engaged to eachother, they're gay.

3. Whhhhyyyyyyy???
by AliKali1996 October 23, 2011
The women you meet on the internet.
You see a very sexy woman and text her, trade pictures with her etc ... but she refuses to show on cam or call you. That's what we call gay.
by BobTheWise May 23, 2012
The act of two men's balls touching
"Was that gay?"
"No, your balls didn't."
by 1749 April 30, 2012
strong sexual feelings to the opposite sex, feels aroused and all sexy when there's another guy around.

Common gays usually covered by names Luke, Lucas, Lukey.
'That guy is soooooooo hot i wanna fuck him'

'Are you LUKE ANDREWS? are you THAT gay?!'

'Sure am m8!'
by itskarmahoe January 13, 2012
a bunch of happy men. who put winkies in their bums.

see bum
see winky
all them thar gays look gay. getter done
by foofykitty May 24, 2006
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