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A homosexual, somebdoy who is attracted to those of the same sex.
I had gay sex last nite.
by slutgirl December 10, 2006
127 197
A man or a woman who likes a member of the same sex mentally, sexually, etc. See homosexual
Gay people exist. Big deal.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
200 270
Male gays are known as faggots, homos, fruits, fudgepackers, fruitcakes, gays, and cocksuckers.
Female gays are known as homos, gays, carpetmunchers, lesbos, and lesbians
by Midwestrn Soldier December 19, 2004
96 166
1)To have sexual feelings towards the same sex, and only the same sex
2)To be cheerful, something good happens, colourful
3)Used by hetreosexuals towards one another as an insult
1) Suzy was in love with Sarah
2) We had a gay old time at that party.
3) Dude, that was, like, so, like, totally, like, gay!
by anime_kisekae June 28, 2004
581 651
sexual attraction to one of the same sex.
That guy is gay.
by RBEshadow July 08, 2003
3134 3204
A man who is a big, whiney baby.
For example, a man who won't crawl under the house to fix something because it is dirty and there are spiders, but will let his wife do it. That's gay.
by overall8 October 30, 2011
5 76
To be gay is to be sexually atracted to a person of your own gender. I could rant to everybody about how "gay people are fucking normal and you fucking strait people can go fuck yourselfs!" But I feel that that is an unproductive way of persuation. So I am going to simply say it how it is.

Gay people are normal people who are just different. Much like Black hair differs from blonde hair, Gays differ from straits. It is nothing to be shunned for, although many homosexuals are shunned for it.

When it comes to homosexuality, there is a lot of dispute in the world. People claim that the Bible is against homosexuality which it clearly is, but you can believe whatever you'd like. I choose to believe that God made everyone how they are, and that all people should be respected for who they are, because God made them who they are. And you don't want to go around shunning God's creations.

For those who are not homosexual out there, it truly is out of our control. we don't wake up in the morning and decide to be gay. In fact, many homosexuals are ashamed when they first discover it as a child or young adult. As teenagers, many are forced to hide their true selves untill they are discovered or until they feel it right to tell the world.

For those who still lean toward "Gay is sin, the bible says so." please don't shun others for their homosexuality. God sees all sin as equal. so to say that I'm going to hell for being gay is to say that I'm going to hell for cheating on a math test.
Billy: "Mom, I-I'm... gay.
Mom: "Well, son, If that's how God made you, then I love you regaurdless!
Billy: Yay! I feel so accepted!

Billy: "Mom, I-I'm... gay.

Mom: "Well, son, I just can't deal with this! you're going to hell and I'm ashamed to have given birth to you! Well, I'll just have to send you to a correctional facility and disown you as my son!

Billy: "Mom! I'm no different than how I was yesterday... or tomorrow!.. or the day after that! why can't you accept me for who I am?

Mom: "Because! you're an abomination!

*Boy ends up commiting suicide after a terrible four months in a correctional facility.
by dontbehatinongaymen July 04, 2011
6 77