I was having a very gay day today. I asked her out and she said yes!
by Scumditty July 29, 2008
a sexually retarded person.
gay activist:quinton was born wit dis disability dont harrass him.
by E das me May 30, 2009
1. homosexual
2. jj reddick
3. duke
4. sheldon williams
5. your lesbian mother
6. jj taking it in the butt from sheldon
7. jj reddick
Writing poems about your lover sheldon is very gay jj reddick.
jj reddick is a homosexual who is very gay.
by MackinMichelle January 11, 2006
Something you can choose to become.
I've seen many people make the switch.
I've even seen a few make the switch back.I've seen some people land in the middle and be bi-sexuals.And I've seen some of them come back to the right team and others to the wrong team.
A person attracted to the same sex. There is nothing wrong with them and are as normal as you or me. Are completely AWESOME!
Gay people are the BEST!
by AnataNoMesu May 08, 2011
an adjective used to describe a person who drives a sky blue jetta, and has a juke, that tiny homo phone.
Man that kid is gay, he was texting on his gay juke and driving his sky blue jetta at the same time.
by Hillary Rozenas May 20, 2008
1) Used when referring to something which is crappy or un-useful.

2) Used just after being told something that you really didn't need to know.

3) Someone who is boring or making the situation boring.
1) God, this stereo is so gay!

2) Man1: Oh man, you're sitting in a car!
Man Sitting in Car: Dude, that is so gay.

3) God this party is so gay!
by BATES, September 22, 2007
Dale has a HANDBAG! So he is GAY
by MyNameIsGEOFFREY November 07, 2008

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