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In high school, the curricular activity in which involves gay and straight people to get together and befriend one another. In real life, an after school class to smoke pot.
Person 1: Dude, have you heard about the gay and straight alliance group?

Person 2: Yeah, I go there and poof a lil.
by WouldntYouLoveToKnow April 01, 2005

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An extra-cirricular refuge that brings together queer students and their straight friends to figure out how to get past homophobia and other difficulties in school. At the gay-straight alliance, one is safe from ridicule and persecution because of ignorant and closed-minded people.
At the gay and straight alliance, many plans were made to raise gay awareness and tolerance at the upcoming Day of Silence.
by nataleanne May 30, 2006
A place where homos and non-gay people come together to push for more pro-gay ideas and reforms.
In reality, these non-gay members are actually silent gays who close all the doors and window blinds so they and the official homosexuals can have gay sex with each other.
I can't believe one of our friends went to the Gay and Straight Alliance meeting. When we saw him later, he told us that he has a sore ass.
by Ohio Buckeye June 21, 2005