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Being gay and awesome at the same time.
Wow,I can't believe you know all the words to "What A Girl Wants", you are so gawesome.
by Jish Josh Appleshause September 23, 2007
The epitome of all that is manliness, awesomeness, THAwesomeness, greatness, and pretty much anything positive ending with "ness"
DUDE!, the waves are TOTALLY GAwesome brah!
by GAWJ June 30, 2006
something is awesome and gay at the same time.
dude did you watch that new episode of Jersey Shore??

No, but I heard it was GAWESOME!!!
by flex225 March 08, 2011
Geared for Awesome; ready to take on anything; creating a legacy. May even be used sarcastically.
"Tony had a Gawesome idea"; "Dude, the fact that you failed to stop for gas and we're now stranded in the middle of nowhere has Gawesome written all over it".
by Pustulous January 06, 2011
something that is gorgeous and awesome at the same time.
lorali is gawesome
by bennys 98 July 05, 2011
something that is good and awesome at the same time
dude man that song was gawesome
by Alber the third March 26, 2005
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