commonly known as fuckhead
- dont be a 'gavin'
- u r such a 'gavin'
- dont mess with me u 'gavin'
by anonymous March 18, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who is used as a puppet by their highly unattractive mother in order to gain vast amounts of money off unsuspecting celebrities.
'I'm wealthy and black. Oh shit, there's Gavin Arvizo!'
by MeNoLikeGav March 31, 2005
N. Pathological liar; juvenile delinquent; son of a crazy woman.

V. To accuse a famous popstar of touching you inappropriately; to accuse someone of sexual abuse without any proof; the act of being a tool.
Gavin Arvizo and his mommy (also his only friend) got pissed off at Michael Jackson for not continuing to pay for his cancer treatment (supposedly terminal, I am SO sure) so all of a sudden, it was all, "MJ molested me, get him, Tom Sneddon!"
by The Cyber Lawyer November 19, 2009
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