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A set of unusually large low hanging testicles that touch the water when seated on a toilet. dragon nuts
My gator balls were hanging in the toilet water, so I lifted them out whilst I took a dump.
by bighammer67 August 04, 2010
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having huge "balls" or guts to do anything, having no fear.
That guy Steve has mucho gatorballs to whip Jeff's urban ass
by puggator June 18, 2004
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A game in which two teams ultimate goal is to either throw or kick a soccer ball into the opposing teams goal. There is an unlimited amount of players on the field. You are aloud to pass the ball or just run it yourself. However, if and when you are touched you are down and must turn the ball over. If the player carrying the ball is dribbling you are aloud to tackle them until you regain possession of the ball.
Why is Austin so good at gatorball? Just give him the heisman already!!
by KING OF GATORBALL April 29, 2012
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