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A whiny self-promoting over compensator "educated" at the University of Florida. Gators can be identified by their excrutiaing high-pitched whine, and the used-car-salesman like fervor with which they pimp their inferior institution.
"Dude, look at those Gators; you can tell they haven't had pussy since pussy had them."

"Christ, you can hear those gator fags whine from a full mile away. They haven't stopped since that inbred Spurrier broke up with them for the NFL."

"Male gator fans as a group have less cumulative dick length than a herd of 100 water-rats, but are substantailly more irritating."
by Manny LO September 05, 2006
General Term of Idiocy
He must be a gator fan.
by Dennis Farina April 06, 2006
A homosexual that has too much time on his hands. This type of person loves gay orgies and will stop at nothing to get one.
Holy shit, I hate that kid, he's such a gatorfan
by Because there's just not a nam April 04, 2009
A loyal and very happy person who follows University of Florida athletics.
Having three National Championships in one year in two sports, man it must be great to be a GATOR FAN!
by J-RodVB April 03, 2007

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