The title of a book about a humorous, in-depth look at the compulsive disorder and acquisition strategies of many guitarists' drive to own more and more instruments.
Have you been helped by "GAS"? It won't cure you, but you'll sure feel better after you find out you're in good company.
by Jay Wright July 06, 2006
it means what's up or fart, in Mexico is commonly used for saying what's up (QUE PEDO?) what farts?, a fart being a gas its just exchanging the word PEDO for GAS
Hey que gas? or did u thru a gas? (fart)
to provoke someone, to irritate them.
Don't gas me or I'll punch you in the face.
by TheSaminal July 05, 2005
Adjective; Fast
commonly used among baseball players to describe the strength of another player's arm.
Adverb; quickly
Damn man, did u see that? he throws gas!
by don corleone September 15, 2004
It's what you get after eating too much Tacos, causing a stench that usuaaly makes a few birds drop from the sky...
Mess with my ass - die by my gas!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
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