Abreviation of ryming slang (ex-Everton footballer Gary Ablett) ablett-tablet used in Liverpool to describe ecstacy tablets. Also called jablets
"these garries are boss mate!"
by Chenz April 13, 2005
Top Definition
Racist term for asian migrants living in a western country.
Struggle with the local language with a thick accent. Often use an adopted 'western' first name and use their birth name as a middle name.
"Have you met the new garry's living in our street? Michael and Rebecca Chang are their names".
by fly spray April 18, 2006
He's a carebear.
He looks like hulk on the outside but is a Garry on the inside.
by TexasState October 29, 2013
Both a verb and a noun.

Verb- to flirt. Putting in effort to try to win a girl over.

The noun is 'one who garries'. A guy who is very flirtatious with girls.
Also, 'garry' can be used for the abstract noun meaning 'flirtatious energy' (perhaps synonymous with 'mojo'), ie. "My garry has been a bit weak lately".

The term garry is thought to originate in an advertisement on Australian TV in the early 2000s, for a flavoured milk, apparently called Garry Milk. In the ad, the milk was so good, it would flirt with girls. Something like that. School students in Melbourne north-eastern suburbs adopted the use of 'garry' from this source.

The other theory is that the term 'Garry Groundwork' has been used in certain social circles around Melbourne for years, with the female counterpart 'Fiona Footwork', both meaning someone who is putting in effort to win someone's heart. It's possible that the milk ad was written with these terms in mind.
I'm going to put in so much garry with her today.

He's been garrying with her a lot lately.

He's such a garry.

My garry has been a bit weak lately.
by snozrap October 07, 2006
Garry means the same as groundwork. Usually associated with picking up women.
"Mate i'm just going to lay some serious Garry now and pick her up next week"
by hiffl-kajiffl October 20, 2011
Slang from Merseyside area for an extasy tablet, come from the footballer garry ablet which ryhmes with tablet.
"Ay lad im takin a garry and goin ravin tonight"
by joe_red August 31, 2006
Modern common London rhyming slang. Short for garry glitter which rhymes with shitter. The arsehole, the bum, the rectum.
She was getting a severe portion right up the garry.
by England phi beta gamma March 24, 2008

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