An irresponsible low-life loser piece of shit that leeches off of their friends because they are such a piece of shit. A dirty deperate slut who meets losers on the internet. No common sense and peddles her ass to anybody that will stick their cock in her dirty snatch.
That bitch is a fucking garbage person. She is so fucking stupid...what a waste of space.
by abndad77 July 10, 2008
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Top Definition
Two or more people that are often drunk, lacking sensitivity and a dark sense of humor. While often drunk and lacking self-awareness, other people enjoy their company and they often become the life of the party until they find themselves too drunk and a liability. You can often find garbage people trolling open bars, complaining about The Struggle, and desperately competing with each other for attention.

Notorious garbage people include the fictional characters Patsy Stone and Jenna Maroney. Real life garbage people include all individuals that have appeared on a VH1 reality show and anyone that has dated Wilmer Valderrama. In the early 2000s, these individuals would have owned some variation of a Blackberry.
Ugh, Karen and I were so drunk last night. We ruined Amy's birthday, but everyone loved it when we took out the champagne tour while performing an a cappella rendition of Bitch Better Have My Money. Literally, we were garbage people last night.
by Trashperson458 October 16, 2015

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