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Noun. After you've taken your garbage out to the street, these shadowy figures come out in the night to take part of it that they perceive as a 'great find' with the intention of fixing it and putting it into their home. Some especially brave gnomes will come during the day to take your garbage, but this is a rare breed.

Examples of things that could be considered treasure by garbage gnomes: Broken/old computer desks, broken/old computer monitors, used/old stained mattresses(because surely those stains could be removed), broken/old furniture, broken/old televisions.
*Kelly takes garbage out to the street*
*Garbage Gnome drives by and sees said garbage*
Garbage Gnome: I can't believe someone threw that away!
*Garbage Gnome loads up something from the garbage in their car/truck/suv*
*Kelly wakes up in the morning, walks outside and notices the recliner she threw out missing*
Kelly: Well, I hope they manage to fix the broken arm on that recliner that grand dad used to piss in while watching tv.
by black kitten October 25, 2006