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An affectionate name for "grandmother," (esp. a somewhat cold, possibly drunk grandmother with aspirations of social standing.)

On the television show Arrested Development, Maeby Fünke and George-Michael Bluth call their grandmother (Lucille Bluth) "Gangy" in many instances.

The etymology is unclear but it's frequent use in context makes the meaning clear. The spelling "Gangy" seems to be the generally-agreed upon spelling on Wikipedia, IMDB, and most TV sites.
George Michael Bluth: "Was that Gangy who was just… " (slips on Lucille's spilled martini and falls)
Michael Bluth: "You all right? Sorry. Your grandmother had a little accident here."
George Michael Bluth: "Oh. Does that means she's gonna have to come live with us?"
#grandmother #grandma #arrested development #family #relatives #television
by Bryan Bedell December 27, 2006
When multiple males have sexual intercourse with very few, usually just one, female.
Mate 1:"Hey bro i got this girl lined up and she is keen for gangies."
Mate 2: "Should i call all the boys, every boy?"
Mate 1: "yea, the more the merrier"
#gang bang #sex #gang #sexual intercourse #group sex
by chindawg November 07, 2010
when youre feeling that something is not quite right, a little bit queasy.
I feel really gangy after eating that bad meat :(
#gangy #queasy #ill #unwell #sick #not right #unfit #gross
by Jen R April 07, 2014
Generally a girl that wears extreme flaired jeans, boobtube tops, sneakers and their rediculous hair pulled back to their head in a pony tail.
They usually hang around the gangs and act like they are as tough as the boys that are in the gang.
Sometimes also tend to tap the dirty boys in the gang.
Robert: "haha did you see jen? she is a mad gangy now."
Scott: "didn't you hear she got aids from one of them dirty boys?"
#gangy #slut #slurry #hussy #girl
by lol bruuuvvvv November 10, 2007
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