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1.Something that is by nature disgusting or repulsive
2. Something that really sucks
variations: gangles, gangly, nar
ohh dude, thats gangly nar nar
by nainainai May 08, 2006
generally meaning cool, the word originated from Hawaii (Oahu to be exact) and is connected to local pidgin; a better version and way of saying cool, gnarly, and frickin' sweet!; the word itself possesses positive connotations
That girl was not just hot; she was ganglynarnar!

Dripping with gravy and blanketed with an egg, the loco moco was far from ono--it was ganglynarnar.
by JBeargoneo October 09, 2007
Local-Hawaiian-Pidgin origin meaning cooler than cool; if you were to put the world cool and put it on (legal) steroids and top it off with a cherry, then you've got your definition of ganglynarnar; similar in structure of the word "gnarly" which originated in California
That girl is not just hot, she's ganglynarnar!

This PBJ Smoothie from Jamba Juice is freaking ganglynarnar!
by JBeargoneo October 04, 2007
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