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A pack or large mass of people who have experienced the feeling of scoob. Members of the gang of scoob are usually from large countries; such as Canada. The Gang Of Scoob originated October 11th, 2013, and currently has over 1,000,000 followers, making it the fastest growing group in the world.

Some fun facts about the gang of scoob:
1. The Gang Of Scoob was meant to be a secret group, only open to the people who have experienced scoob more than twice. This plan, unfortunately, failed.
2. The Gang Of Scoob is not in any way a reference to the television show scooby doo.
3. The Gang Of Scoob originated on the video game GTA V, and back then, was only populated by the scoobiest people around.
Man: How many times have you experienced scoob?

Man 2: Um, about four i guess...

Man: Welcome to the Gang of Scoob!
by GotAFuckingUsername October 14, 2013

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