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Urdu/Hindi word use for GAY.
a slang
sala gandoo - slang word
by Mai Ho Naa February 17, 2005
43 64
Woh aadmi, jo peeche se leta hai!!
Teri gaand maroon kya, gandoo??
by Not Gandoo October 22, 2004
194 109
A hindu with extreme desires of being fucked in the ass with a paki lund
by big daddy November 03, 2003
281 222
Gandoo is word used in Punjabi/Urdu for a person who used to be fucked.
Gandoo does not mean gay. A gay acting passive is named gandoo. This is slang, used to abuse someone.
He is gandoo, as he like to be fucked.
by Zeeshan Kashif March 02, 2004
119 63
Gandoo, Originating from word Gand meaning Arse, This word is used for a person whose arse can be taken very easily by everyone.
Anshul is Gandoo.Meaning everyone can take his arse. He is very stupid.
by Bratz December 11, 2007
42 20
indian man (aseed) who likes to be fucked in the ass
aseed is a gandoo who goes looking for men to fuck him in the ass
by stevew dubai December 15, 2007
44 43
jo harami iska meaning dhoonde, woh gandoo
sale tu!
by harami December 14, 2003
67 87
All pakis , Exremist Islamists
Gen kayani Shuja Pasha when their

arse taken along wit osamas on May 2nd

by Hindu-supremeacist May 18, 2011
19 40