Good Ass Mother Fucker. The opposite of a BAMF. A gamf is someone who is goody-goody, straight edge, strictly religious, abstinent, etc.
"It's rated R, so I'll wait 'til it comes out on dvd"
"Why not sneak in?"
"I might get caught!"
"You're such a gamf!"
by ixrxthethorn June 17, 2009
Top Definition
gay ass mother fucker
that man is sucha GAMF!
by alyssa October 15, 2003
Gay ass mo fucka, regardless of sexual preference
Dude, Twilight is for GAMFs
by Cutting Crew 1337 July 20, 2010
Gay ass mother fucker.

Clingy, attention seeking and annoying.

Acts like a gay person around some people and then acts like a macho moron in front of others.
Annoying as fuck.
"Micheal went all gamf on me when he begged me to remain his 'BFF' after high school. No straight boy says BFF, Jesus." said Samantha to Cindy.
by OhEmJay May 10, 2014
Gay Ass Mother Fucker
Quit being such a g.a.m.f.
by Ace_General June 25, 2006
Groady Ass Mother Fucker.
Originated from BAMF. A GAMF is someone who is more than a badass. Someone who is so fucking badass that when you are standing next to them, you can feel the groady-ness rubbing off on you. A GAMF is someone who over-exaggerates everything ("DAYUMM GIRL, YOU GROADY AS HELL"). A GAMF is also someone who says what he wants, wears what he wants, and drives what he wants.
by TheGROADY March 10, 2009
To dispise games that charge you to play... After you buy the game.

Gamf (Gamers against monthly subscription fee's!)
Final fantasy 11 really sucks! Im going to join GAMF! w00t-izzle.!
by (WiYB)Sirius May 22, 2004
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