when it's time to roll, and to get down to business.
K boys, let's wheel, it's gametime!
by Blue-J May 17, 2006
Top Definition
A clutch moment that seals victory for said person.
While playing madden 07' player has 80 yard run with 20 seconds left in the 4th qtr.

"thats gametime my nig."
by phildafunk June 07, 2007
When "it" is "on". A battle cry yelled when the time for action has come
Guy1:lets go to Burger King
Guy2:Game Time!!!
by consentual? March 13, 2005
you use it when your talking about getting sex
yo tomorrow at aleca's house it's gametime
by Corey Adam July 10, 2008
A game-time is when a bartender goes out and buys four roofies, and spikes the drinks of four customers (preferably male). If done correctly, they should pass out at almost the same time, in a similar fashion to a Mexican wave, ready for duty.

Made famous by BaratsAndBereta (youtube.com/watch?v=CBCEnVBaPOs#t=88)
Correct style of usage:

(after executing the move)
>Bartender: "Hey, I'm gonna show you all the best shot there is, m'kay? It's called 'Game-time',"
>Bartender: "First, you go out and buy FOUR roofies." *down a shot* "Ahhhhh...."

>Customer 1: "Holy shit, you put four fuckin' roofies in there?!?"

>Bartender: "Nope."
(Customers should pass out right about now)
>Bartender: "Game-time..."
by !FapssPenny December 13, 2013
When you have to go poop, usually when you also have a mobile device.
Mike: Ugh, I have to go poop. Good thing I charged my phone.
Fred: Game time. What are you going to play?
Mike: I prefer soduku.
Fred: Heathen.
by mrsachmo March 08, 2012
3:03, a.m. or p.m. It does not matter where the person is, when they know it is 3:03 they must shout Gametime!
"Dude, it's 3:03" in unison: "GAMETIME!"
by kuroiforest March 20, 2010
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