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Manufacturers of wargaming miniatures and rules for using such. Critics describe their work as one-dimensional, overpriced, larger than scale, and decry their habit of invalidating entire ranges of miniatures by redrafting rulebooks every four years. Adherents praise their work as accessible, market leading, pioneering new scales for detailing purposes, and utilising the latest in bleeding edge demographic-tailored marketing strategies.

What is certain is that through shipstone operations on allied companies, a clever exclusivity campaign and various strategies they have become the largest wargaming company in the world; Though, in spite of their claim, not the only one.
a:"Games Workshop just released a new edition of Warhammer!"
b:"Gee, after five tries, you think they'd get it right . . . "
by D F Stuckey February 20, 2004
People who lives of my money.
Games Workshop have changed the rules of WH again.
by Ximo August 11, 2003
A place where hackers, geeks and general twats with too much time on their hands hang out.
Thorey 7027: fancy popping down to by a megadroyd from games workshop
Rex 89: sorry i am currently destroying the land of ogs on my pc, maybe later homey
Thorey 7027: i am just taking a wank so no loss
by Tiger_Tiger_Woods_Yaaar November 02, 2004
A Company that creates miniature, fantasy figurines, most notably Warhammer, and Lord of the Rings. With these figurines, people with no life, also know as Losers, engage in tabletop battles against other figurines, which often include Ogres, Trolls, Wizards, etc. These Losers often have nothing better to do in life and engage in other hobbies, such as internet pornography and online chess.
You play battle games at Games Workshop? You've gotta still bea Virgin!
by Da Wierd One April 01, 2005
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