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A girl who plays video games in order to gain attention of male gamers. They can often be seen playing Call of Duty or Halo and talk about how much of a "nerd" they are, when they really are not and are always taking pictures of themselves with gaming accessories like controllers, Wii remotes, etc or gaming related items like low cut Zelda t-shirts just to gain attention or just be attention whores.
Gurl: Hey Guys! I am taking a picture of myself with a controller. I am such a gamer!

Gamer Gurl: That's right. I'm a gurl and I play video games.
Genuine female gamer: Hey guys. What games are you playing?

Gurl: Now I know why boys play Call of Duty all the time. Guess who is getting this game? Me!

Gurl: Playing video games. Hehe. I am such a nerd.
Boy: Hey. Are you excited for E3?
Gurl: What's E3?
Boy It is like a once a year event where everyone shows off their new games.
Gurl: Sounds stupid.
by AirHawke September 13, 2013